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With built-in GPS and complex functionality, these high-powered timepieces have all the tools to help you hit your splits. They estimate and keep track of all the data needed for an effective run: climate, distance, duration, calories and much more. Russ run watches may communicate with external devices such as wireless headsets and heads-up display and collect information from internal or external sensors.

 Stacey Connor also recommends them for their design, battery capacity, and health related applications.

  • Brian McDavis "They just made my workouts and morning runs so much easier. You can always keep an eye on the time and distance."
  • Johanna Evergreen "I just love every single detail about RUSS watches. Plus, they enable listening to my fave music during workouts."
  • Miranda Osborn "The cool design allows me to wear my smart watch in my daily life as an accessory."